Emir Efendić

Assistant professor

Maastricht University


I’m a psychologist working mostly within the domain of judgment and decision-making. In my research I look at a wide-range of topics within this domain focusing in general on how people make decisions, what impacts their choices, and finding ways to improve decision-making. I tackle these issues using lab or online experiments, applying a mostly quantitative approach to the analysis of behavior.

I am an assistant professor at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics in the Netherlands. There, I also teach various courses and supervise both Master and PhD students. Currently, I’m teaching a course in Data Analytics for first year Master students.

Lately, I’m interested in how people judge decisions made by algorithmic systems, how people navigate sure loss prospects, and crowd judgments such as the inner crowd effect.


  • Judgments of algorithmic systems
  • Risk Judgments
  • Affect and Decision-Making
  • Crowd judgments


  • PhD in Experimental Psychology, 2017

    University of Bordeaux

  • MA in Psychology, 2013

    University of Sarajevo